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#37 Project connected to wrong repository defect new 07/01/09
#30 "Commit all outstanding changes" is misleading enhancement whit assigned 12/14/08
#2 Can't connect to secure repo defect rucci assigned 06/19/08
#6 pull dialog doesnt offer commit after merge defect new 06/26/08
#11 "Repository Unrelated" error when pushing/pulling defect whit assigned 07/16/08
#13 Project contains linked URIs / Share failes defect new 07/28/08
#18 Deleting a file in Eclipse does not trigger 'hg remove' defect new 10/24/08
#21 New files/classes in Eclipse are not added to Mercurial defect new 10/31/08
#26 Don't badge ignored files with the repository symbol defect new 12/10/08
#31 Can't clone defect new 01/11/09
#32 Cloning local repository results in unusable project defect new 02/19/09
#33 Add UI to work with in-repository branches defect new 03/21/09
#38 9083landnonlfamcuha72 8821 defect new 07/09/09
#40 Can't set HG location on Snow Leopard defect new 11/29/09
#19 Make commit message pane resizeable in the commit dialog. enhancement new 10/24/08
#25 Propagate change indicators upwards in a file tree enhancement new 12/10/08
#27 Provide a history of commit messages enhancement new 12/11/08
#34 Add "diff" action enhancement new 04/04/09
#36 Please add support for Eclipse 3.5 enhancement new 05/13/09
#39 Aptana throws an error on switch to html/css editor with merclipse History view defect new 09/15/09
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